Everyone has a “junk drawer” – somewhere that holds those necessary items that fit nowhere else. Unfortunately, other items seem to accumulate there, as well – odd screws, soy sauce packets, hair clips, an unidentified key.  Junk drawers don’t get a lot of love.  If you take 10 minutes to organize your junk drawer you will begin loving it.  Here’s how:

1.  Decide how you want your junk drawer to look.  Office supply stores have drawer organizing trays which may work for you.  Make sure to measure the dimensions of your drawer to ensure proper fit.  If you do not want to spend any money on your junk drawer use some gift boxes:  a shirt box to anchor everything, with jewelry boxes to hold small items allows you to create your own customized junk drawer. 

2.  Remove everything from the drawer.  Separate the contents:  toss anything that is trash, food, or is broken (dog biscuits, old batteries); place in an “elsewhere” pile the things that do not belong in the junk drawer, but have set up camp there (hair clips, golf balls, etc.); make a pile of things that actually belong in the drawer.  Put the “elsewhere” items away, but be honest – if it is trash, toss it!  Chances are, if it was in the junk drawer, nobody has missed it.

3.  Separate the things that belong in the drawer into categories:  pens/pencils, rubber bands, staples, stamps, note pads, etc. Put everything back into the compartments of your new junk drawer.  If there are other people in the house using the junk drawer, make sure you show them your awesome handiwork and let them know that the junk drawer is to remain this way, with every item in its own place.

Here are two examples of junk drawers I have worked on:

This junk drawer is my actual junk drawer at home.  I used a desk drawer organizing tray that I bought for about $2.50.   

my junk drawer 

I created the junk drawer below for a client whose drawer was too shallow for a premade drawer organizing tray. 


Your junk drawer should be useful to you, so give it a little love now and then.  Pick through it while you are on hold with the cable company, or on a long phone conversation.  Love your junk drawer and it will love you back!