College dorm closets are ridiculously small, but you can double your hanging space by adding another rod to the closet.  Hanging another rod from the existing closet rod allows you to double your hanging space, without actually installing anything.  It takes only 20 minutes, and costs and it costs less than $20!  Here’s how:

2 sturdy wire hangers (like the ones pants come on from the dry cleaner)
2 lengths of metal chain (about 30″ each, depending on how high the original closet rod is)
2 spring link clips                  

springclip (this is a spring link clip)

1 foam t-connect for 1/2″ connection (found in the plumbing section)
1 closet rod, wooden dowel, or PVC pipe, cut to the length you desire


1.  Cut the top off of each hanger, and twist the ends closed with pliers.  Bend to make a hook, like this:


2.  Cut the t-connection into eight 1/2″ collars, like this:


3.  On the existing dorm closet rod, place:  one collar, one hanger hook, one collar; then, after the approximate amount of space of your new closet rod, one collar, one hanger hook, one collar.  You are basically making a sandwich with the collars and the hanger hook on the top closet rod, so it looks like this:


The collars keep the hanger hooks from moving along the rod.

4.  Hang the chains on the ends of each hanger hook.

5.  Add the spring link clips to the bottom ends of each chain. 

6.  Thread the new rod through the spring link clips.  Sandwich each spring link clip with a collar (so it will stay in place), so it looks like this:


And, you are done!  This is what mine looked like:


Enjoy the extra hanging space in your dorm closet! 


Note that I used a short rod, and if you use a rod the length of your closet, you may need to add additional supports along the way. 

All of these supplies can be purchased in a local hardware store.  If you do not want to use the t-connects for collars, use fat rubberbands:  for the top, you will have to cut the rubberbands and tie them around the closet rod in each place. 

You can customize the length of the additional rod to allow for long hanging space for dresses. 

Love your dorm closet!